Top 3 Pros of Vinyl Fencing

Top 3 Pros of Vinyl Fencing

Because homeowners and businesses are embracing vinyl fences, demand for PVC has surged nationwide. But what explains the rising preference for this fence material? The simple answer is that more and more property owners are discovering the advantages vinyl presents over wood and metal. In this article, American Vinyl Works—the nation’s top supplier for PVC—takes a deep dive into the eponymous material to explore its many unique benefits.

Vinyl Fencing is Water and Rust-Resistant

Water—whether from rain, melting snow, morning dew, or sprinkler overspray—can potentially compromise the quality of certain fence materials. Wood, for instance, is an organic material; as such, it will absorb liquids when not adequately sealed. Regular fluid absorption leads to water becoming trapped within your fence’s infrastructure. During the warm season, this isn’t so much of an issue. However, once winter arrives—and temperatures plummet—the trapped liquid freezes into solid ice, which then pushes against the wood from the inside, resulting in unsightly knots and cracks.

How about metal? Unless your fence parts have been imbued with special fabrication processes such as galvanization, contact with water has been known to induce rust—jeopardizing fence integrity and posing safety risks for users. (Children, in particular, are vulnerable to rust-infected cuts when climbing fences.) By contrast, PVC is inherently water-resistant; even during heavy rainstorms, water simply cascades off the sides. Furthermore, it is resilient to rust and corrosion.

Vinyl Fences Last a Lifetime

As an organic—and therefore naturally degradable—material, wood tends to rot. As such, fences comprised of that material need replacement over time. By contrast, vinyl, when carefully manufactured using the best technology and chemical treatment, lasts and lasts. The only noticeable age-related change, even with the passage of decades, should consist of a reduction in the PVC's natural sheen. As the nation’s leading PVC supplier, American Vinyl Works’ inventory has been manufactured using TIO2 (titanium dioxide). This helps minimize damage from ultraviolet exposure as it, in essence, acts as a chemical sunscreen.

Though not as impervious as steel, high-quality PVC is renowned for its strength and durability. A substantial amount of force is required to physically break its surface; so unless someone crashes a vehicle into your fence, the panels should remain intact. It’s likewise highly resilient to changes in temperature. Even in the bitter grip of a harsh winter, vinyl mere becomes more flexible, still requiring extraordinary force to inflict damage. An additional advantage it has over wood is self-extinguishment—boasting a flashpoint of approximately 900 degrees Fahrenheit.

Vast Selection of Vinyl Fence Styles

Here at American Vinyl Works, we sell everything need to make a PVC fence—posts, rails, caps, etc.—in various styles.
  • Solid Privacy: Ideal for property owners seeking visual seclusion, these vinyl fence panels completely shield you from public view. An effective method for containing children and pets, as they can’t climb out or even see distractions on the other side.

  • Semi-Privacy: All the benefits of privacy fencing with added ventilation and a slight degree of visibility.

  • Picket: The time-tested choice for homeowners, picket fencing defines property boundaries while adding beauty and sophistication.

  • Closed Picket: A classic picket fence with horizontal bars on top and bottom for enhanced security.

  • Over-Scallop Picket: Featuring vinyl pickets crafted to create a hill-shaped top on each panel.

  • Under-Scallop Picket: Highlighting vinyl pickets crafted to create a dip-shaped formation at the top of each panel.

  • Ranch Rail: Designed to clearly define boundaries. Commonly installed by ranchers, farmers, and owners of country homes.

  • Porch and Deck: Elegant deck fences to enhance the definition of your home.

  • Specialty Products: Accessing the largest vinyl inventory in the Midwest, we have all the necessary materials to construct unique items from PVC, such as vinyl gazebos, pergolas, arches, mailboxes, and more.
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