Limited Warranty Statement

American Vinyl Works stands behind its fence, railings, and specialty products with a one-year limited warranty, subject to the conditions and limitations outlined below, ensuring that they are free from defective materials when used in a normal and proper manner.

This warranty does not apply to, and American Vinyl Works, shall not be held liable for, any failure, defect, or damage resulting from or related to the following:

  1. Natural Aging of Wood Products: American Vinyl Works does not cover the natural maturation and drying process of wood products, which may lead to splitting, bowing, warping, or cracking. This is an unpredictable and unpreventable natural occurrence and, therefore, cannot be warranted.

  2. Environmental Factors: Any alterations, adjustments, or settling of materials due to factors like freeze/thaw cycles, soil settling, and varying precipitation that may lead to ground swelling. This includes gates, gate posts, and related alignments. These are natural processes that cannot be predicted or prevented and, as such, cannot be warranted.

  3. "Acts of God": American Vinyl Works does not cover damage resulting from "acts of God," including high winds (50 mph or greater), tornadoes, hail, fire, and violent storms.

  4. Gate Adjustments: Adjustments to gates due to normal or abnormal use are considered a maintenance item that the homeowner may address.

  5. Color Adjustment: It is expected that materials may undergo natural adjustments in color as a result of direct exposure to sunlight and weather conditions.

  6. Corrosion and Scaling: Any corrosion, scaling, or residue left due to prolonged exposure to above-average precipitation. Some water used for yard irrigation may have higher iron or calcium concentrations, leaving a residue.

Several of American Vinyl Works' manufacturers offer extended material-only warranties beyond the one-year warranty provided by American Vinyl Works. If you are interested in qualifying for this extended warranty, please contact American Vinyl Works for further details regarding manufacturer warranty product registration. Please note that any manufacturer warranties do not cover labor and incidental expenses necessary to repair or replace the product.

To file a claim under this warranty, you must report it in writing with proof of purchase to American Vinyl Works within thirty (30) days from the date of discovering the defect or when it could reasonably have been discovered. A reasonable timeframe will be allowed for inspection. American Vinyl Works will have the sole authority to determine whether the fencing is defective and whether the defect falls under the warranty. If American Vinyl Works acknowledges that the defect is covered by this warranty, it retains the right to address the situation as it deems appropriate. No compensation for incidental or consequential damages will be provided. Any statements, representations, or agreements made by any American Vinyl Works agent that do not align with the terms and conditions outlined here will not be endorsed or recognized by American Vinyl Works. By accepting our product, you acknowledge and agree to the terms and conditions as stated herein.