Vinyl Ranch Rail Fencing

Vinyl Ranch Rail Fencing

In bygone centuries, the primary purpose of erecting a fence in North America was to demarcate boundaries. Farmers and ranchers often turned to ranch rail fencing as a cost-effective solution, valuing its simple design and economical construction. Comprising long rails with ample gaps between them, these panels required less lumber and could be assembled without professional assistance. These timeless principles—and this general purpose persist today. Ranch rail fencing remains a top choice for farms, ranches, cabins, and country homes, frequently used for corralling livestock and marking property lines. For those who need perimeter markers instead of steadfast security, ranch rail is the top choice!

At American Vinyl Works, we manufacture and sell parts used to make these fences in high-quality PVC. While offering the same aesthetic appeal and property delineation as wood, vinyl ranch rail fencing also possesses unique advantages in terms of durability and longevity.

Why should you opt for vinyl over wood when it comes to ranch rail fencing?

Wood fences have a history of marking property boundaries, but PVC stands out as the superior material for several reasons.

  • Resistance to water damage: Wood fencing is susceptible to unsightly deformations due to prolonged exposure to water. When wood absorbs moisture from rain, melting snow, or garden hose overspray, it expands and contracts with temperature fluctuations. This can result in cracks, bulges, and split boards, especially when water freezes during winter. To prevent these issues, most fence owners resort to annual painting and staining, which accumulates expenses over time. Vinyl, being nonabsorbent, simply sheds water upon contact.

  • Superior strength: Even if the primary goal is property demarcation, you'll want your fence to be composed of robust, long-lasting material. PVC surpasses wood in this aspect. A high-quality vinyl fence boasts five times the strength of its wood counterpart, making it more resilient to everyday impacts. This makes it a preferred choice for cattle farms.

  • Resilience to temperature-related damages. Even when livestock comes into contact with the PVC, the rails and posts remain sturdy. Vinyl's strength endures even in significant temperature fluctuations. The only noticeable change in freezing weather is increased flexibility in your fence panels, and even then, they should not break unless subjected to substantial force, like an automobile collision. It is furthermore a self-extinguishing material—with a flashpoint of about 900 degrees Fahrenheit—and does not catch fire easily.

  • Long-lasting beauty: Vinyl ranch rail fencing is sought after nationwide for its stunning aesthetics. PVC retains its natural beauty much longer than other fence materials. In addition to its resistance to chipping and cracking, your fence will maintain its original color, with the only natural change being a slight reduction in its sheen over time.

  • Resistance to insect damage: Unlike wood, which is vulnerable to termites, carpenter ants, and other wood-munching insects, vinyl is not on their menu. When you install a PVC ranch rail fence around your farm or ranch, you can rest assured that it is immune to insect-related damage.

Where can you obtain the materials for constructing a vinyl ranch rail fence?

As mentioned at the beginning of this article, the enduring popularity of split rail fencing is partly due to its ease of construction. These fence panels can be assembled by an ambitious DIY homeowner, and experienced industry professionals that can complete the task in a matter of days or even hours. Regardless of whether you hire a contractor or tackle the project yourself, it's essential to ensure that your fence is crafted from top-quality PVC.

Avoid settling for the inexpensive, flimsy options available at big box stores. Instead, reach out to a reputable fence contractor that goes the extra mile to source top-tier materials. American Vinyl Works guarantees the use of only the best materials, we have established lasting partnerships with reputable vinyl manufacturers such as Ply Gem & Rail.

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